So many ideas

I had so many ideas and resources for present Ideas for other people, that I had to write them down.

I have always had a lot of ideas about what kind of presents to buy for everyone. Then I looked for some more on other websites and I found a few.

I HAD TO aggregate the most unique and versatile presents as I will give presents for people until the end of my life. So I had to evaluate those ideas, split them into categories and since I did spend some time doing this…

I thought, why not share these ideas with others? Especially because surprisingly, most of the found similar sites were really uninspired. And here we are, at my blog 😀

I had to have some idea to monetize my site though. So I decided no ads, just affiliate links to buy the presents I talk about. I thought it is only fair, that if someone likes my idea, he can buy something from my link. Hopefully, I can get my hosting payment back 😛

Dedication to Research

I have researched a lot of sites and vendors to look up interesting ideas for presents. The ones I present here are most often very unique.

Personal Advice

Do you need help when choosing a present? You can discuss with other users in the comments, look up their ideas, or write to me if you want to.

Focus on Happiness

Giving presents is all about giving someone happiness. Don’t look at it only from the perspective of money spent to value. Look at the possible happiness that present will bring. Don’t undervalue the memories the gift can provide you.